We’ve all seen movies with what I like to call “The Superman Shot”. A man (usually Superman) stands with his head held high and his hands at his hip while the camera orbits him slowly at knee-level. Lot of body parts in that sentence. Normally, this would be a thousand-dollar shot, not because the cinematography was nice but because it would cost a thousand dollars to shoot. A new company called Cinetics has made this possible for the amateur filmmaker on a budget with CineSkates ($350.00). It may look like a Canon procreated with an octopus but in reality it’s just a camera on wheels. The fluid rolling ability coupled with the exceptionally versatile tripod the cameraman gets a wide range of shots and angles that were previously impossible to stabilize. The entire package includes the CineSkates, a carrying case, Cinetics Connects (an adapter to attach the wheels to the tripod), a GorillaPod Focus tripod and Ballhead X mounts. Perfect for moving time-lapses, 360 landscapes, product demos and Superman Shots.