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Celestial Bar

It’s always good to have an exit strategy when you’re at a bar and you find out the woman you’ve been talking to is looking for a “platonic relationship”. How bout parachuting out of an airplane at 30,000 feet? That’s right, Absolut has teamed up with Korean Air to install Celestial Bars for their passengers (and one of the pilots, as long as there’s a designated flier). Thank god I no longer have to keep abusing the oxygen masks to get my buzz on, it was getting embarrassing. Korean Air will be installing 3 of these bars in their new Airbus 380 aircraft (two self-service in Business Class and one attended by a bartender in First Class). The Celestial Bar will be open for business (and pleasure) by the end of the year, just make sure you pay your tab and don’t make a scene, or the staff will be forced to throw you out…of the plane.