Russian Space Hotel

The average 5-day vacation runs about $2,000. But millionaires aren’t content with merely going to Denver and visiting the Museum of Miniatures. They like to go big. That’s why Russian corporation Orbitec is creating the first Space Hotel for those who can’t seem to find anything more worthwhile and rewarding to spend their money on… like charity. With NASA taking some time off Russia saw their chance to sneak into our territory and profit roughly $960,000 per person. That breaks up into $800,000 for the round-trip airfare (despite there being no air in space) and $160,000 for the hotel stay, the usual prices for airfare and lodging. But this isn’t so out of reach for the average blue-collar. Just hold off on going on your vacation for about 480 years and this trip basically pays for itself. The hotel will accommodate 7 (you and your 6 other bankrupt friends) for a 5-day stay and the best part is there will be no cleaning service to disrupt you in the middle of the night… which is all the time. And despite only having 7 passengers all headed to the same destination I’m sure there will still end up being an issue with your luggage being sent to the wrong place.

[$800,000.00 (Spacefare) + $160,000.00 Stay]