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Cleaning Out the Basement

We should all move our cubicles to our basement, because apparently that’s where the real work gets done. Hackers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and those still living with their parents are all known to inhabit and do their business in the basement. But a recent trend in crazy has arisen in which the everyday man is building vehicles valued in the hundreds of thousands range in their basements only to find themselves with the issue of getting them out. The first case was in October of 2008 where Ken Imhoff spent ten years constructing a Lamborghini Countach and had to hire a contractor to dig down to his basement, destroy the wall and pull out the car. The most recent, however, is Dan Reeves, who this past May paid a contractor to do the same for his Vans RV-7A airplane, which he spent nine years putting together. Keep in mind this man only got his pilots license this past year. The whole venture took about $50,000 (with the $5,000 removal) and he plans to get it certified to fly by the FAA this year. So while everyone’s competing to build the world’s tallest skyscraper maybe a more work-impelling design plan would be constructing buildings further underground, making every office a basement.

Want to build your own airplane? You’ll find the kit for the Vans RV-7A available for sale on the Vansaircaft website