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Virtual Boarding Agents

Airports are finally reaching the milestones that science fiction movies portrayed would be reached 20 years ago. The holographic age is quickly reaching its time and France seems to have taken the first leap. These virtual boarding agents direct you to your boarding gate without smirking at the fact that you could very possibly miss your flight. They require no breaks, no pay, always smile (a quality that usually goes overlooked), and keep your child amused while waiting the 8 hours after a flight delay. The technology works by projecting a recording of actual boarding agents onto a human-shaped silhouette made of plexiglass. Sources say the agents are already tired of the paparazzi and drug addictions that come with stardom. The airport is planning to expand this technology once this proves to be a success. I for one am for virtual airports, too many employees “forgetting” to place me on the list for the next flight when I’m on standby.