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Jetman jump out of helicopter [Video]

I don’t know why everyone makes such a big deal about this guy. I have a jet-propelled wing in my closet, I just don’t feel the need to broadcast the fact. Maybe it’s the fact that not everyone has the balls to jump off a helicopter over 10,000 feet in the air, which would explain why my jet-propelled wing is in the closet. At 51 years young, Swiss pilot Yves Rossy, aka Jetman, is doing stunts most wouldn’t do at any age, like making a 15 minute acrobatic flight over the Grand Canyon’s 10-mile gorge or becoming the first winged person to successfully cross the Channel…in 10 minutes. What allows him to reach speeds of 124 mph is his light carbon-fiber wing and the 4 jet engines powering his rocket pack. Nothing deters this former Mirage III fighter pilot, even previous failure when high winds foiled his attempt to cross the Straits of Gibraltar between Europe and Africa resulted in Jetman safely landing in the water. Some would say Jetman isn’t really flying, instead “falling with style” as Toy Story’s Woody would put it, but Jetman has proved time and time again that when it comes to falling, he definitely has the most swagger.