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SOL Origin Survival Kit

Its hard to believe that if one of the 80 characters on LOST had the SOL Origin Survival Kit (49.99) the show would’ve been a lot less interesting. Even more so to think that had this come out in MacGyver’s time, there would be no MacGyver. The kit weighs 6.25 ounces, fits in the palm of your hand and includes 14 different potentially life-saving tools – everything from a fire starter to survival instructions. We’re not gonna sit here and tell you $49.99 is a great deal for a $100 value, because we at Blades Magazine believe your life is worth $10 million dollars, making it a $10 million dollar value. The SOL Origin Survival Kit is the number one commodity for campers, hikers, or any type of outdoorsman followed only by the JAKPAK.