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Hypersonic Falcon HTV-2

Running late for that 5 o’clock meeting in New York? Flying from San Francisco? Is it 4:30? Normally you’d have to reschedule that 5 PM meeting to an awkward 11 PM conference with your client and their spouse. But instead of having your Honda Jet Plane pilot step on it, the Hypersonic Falcon HTV-2 this trip will take you just under 11 minutes, leaving you just enough time to find parking. This new sky-cutting vehicle underwent flight tests last week and despite minor data communication issues broke speeds of 13,000 miles per hour and accomplished its goal of being the first aircraft to reach Mach 20. An added bonus to flying the Falcon HTV-2 is the time you save not having to inform people when you’re pulling up, the sonic booms will more than do their part in notifying the city of your presence.