It happens on a daily basis. Your iPad or iPhone is quickly running out of power but you got your laptop charger using an outlet and your Glade Spray Air Freshener doin’ its thing in the one right above it. A crisis thankfully only First World citizens have to deal with. Finally a solution: goBAT II ($79.99). Plug in any iOS device, Android, or Galaxy Tab via USB and you’ll find that Scosche lives up to its promises. When fully charged the portable device refills an iPhone’s power up to 2.6 times, or an iPad up to 55% of its full charge. This backup battery is a miracle for travelers, campers, and those too lazy to find an outlet. With a 2.1 Amp port for tabs and and 1.0 Amp port for phones and iPods, you’ll never have to suffer the endless 15 second startup delay ever again.