nüvi® 3790T by Garmin

nüvi® 3790T ($349.99) is the thinnest and sexiest personal GPS navigators in the world. There’s no subscription necessary, no added costs, your nüvi 3790T just does it. Speak Commands on the nüvi 3790T not only tells you where to turn but listens to your spoken commands. Receive alerts about traffic delays and road construction that lie ahead on your route and integrates the necessary detours to avoid the problem areas. The hands-free calling is the nicest feature the nuvi offers, integrates Bluetooth® wireless technology with a built-in microphone and speaker. Just pair it with your compatible Bluetooth phone and talk hands-free through the 3790T while staying focused on the road.

Garmin has created a new video presentation for its nüvi 3700 series of personal navigators — the thinnest personal GPS navigators in the world. Less than 9 mm thick, these units are about as thin as a standard #2 pencil. They feature a beautiful, sleek, contemporary award-winning design. The spot highlights the unique, stylishly thin form factor of this new nüvi