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Organic French Roast by Flying High Coffee

According to Flying High Coffee the term “French Roast” ($14.00) has been being misused by the American coffee consumer at large for the past decade. While it used to mean a slightly darker roast, the term has lately come to define burnt, oily coffee. At Flying High Coffee they intend to make “real French Roast!”

A French Roast should be a bit darker than a full city roast, but not burnt or bitter. Flying High Coffee offer a full-bodied cup that is neither! It is, however, bold enough to stand on its own, with a dynamic character and a rich finish.

This amazing French Roast is a blend of coffees from Indonesia, as well as Central America. The Indonesian to allow for the bold, full body and the Central American to round it out and add its smooth, chocolatey finish.

Caffeine fans, don’t be fooled by a darker roast. They have less caffeine than their lighter-roasted counterparts. Caffeine is a chemical which is roasted out of the coffee bean, and the longer its roasted the more the caffeine dissipates. If it’s caffeine you’re looking for, head on over to our Breakfast Blend.