Eurocopter – AS350 Flight and Mission Simulator

The AS350 Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) (TBA) at American Eurocopter’s Grand Prairie, Texas headquarters facility is the world’s most technologically advanced single-engine helicopter simulator, allowing highly realistic mission training for airborne law enforcement, medical services and other operators.

Operational scenarios
Equipped with a full-motion platform and a high-resolution 240 X 80 deg. field-of-view visual system, the AS350 FSTD recreates realistic operating scenarios – including flight through metropolitan areas, in over-water missions and through areas of mountainous terrain; along with landings at hospitals, accident scenes and urban helipads. Training opportunities cover emergency procedures, single-pilot and crew resource management, night vision goggles operations, along with instrument, transition, emergency procedures and recurrent training certified to CFR Part 141 and 142. Airborne law enforcement scenarios with interaction between pilot and tactical flight officer include patrol, vehicle and foot pursuits, homeland security missions, and airborne use of force for SWAT personnel operating 5.56 and 7.62 mm weapons – with playback scoring of shots.

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