Airbus A380

Airbus has spent an estimated $15 billion on the development of the A380. The price for a single plane is listed at $300 million. Here are some astonishing facts about the Airbus A380
-Lufthansa will have 23 cabin crew members on its A380s, which is seven more than it uses for its 747-400.
-Some custom-made A380s contains double beds, luxurious shower spas, VIP cocktail lounges and up to 6 self serve snack bars.

-The A380 accommodates 525 passengers in a standard configuration, almost 100 more than the rival Boeing 747, but it can carry 853 passengers in an all-economy configuration.
-The A380 has 50 percent more floor area than the 747-400
-The volume of the three decks (including cargo and baggage hold) is 5,150 cubic ft. That’s the equivalent of 35 million ping-pong balls

-The fuel capacity of the A380 is the equivalent of 21 road tankers, or 81,890 gallons.
-Fuel efficiency is about 80 miles to the gallon per passenger.
-During takeoff, the wing of the A380 will flex upward as much as 13 feet.
-Wing area is 9,100 square feet, or 54 percent more than the 747-400

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[$300 million]