Sint Maarten’s Maho Beach

This has to be a plane spotters heaven. Maho Beach is a beach situated in Sint Maarten, on the Dutch side of the island further south from Puerto Rico. Princess Juliana International Airport that is situated immediately adjacent to the beach. Incoming air traffic has to touch down as close as possible to the beginning of runway 10 due to the short runway length of 2,180 metres/7,152 ft,[1] resulting in aircraft on their final approach flying over the beach at minimal altitude (Wikipedia reference).

Maho beach is an amazing plane spotter or tourist hang out. Sunset Beach Bar and Grill has a speaker on its outside deck that broadcasts the radio transmissions between pilots and the airport’s control tower. This has to be some sort of new sport.

– Larger waves which makes it popular with windsurfers and skimboarders
– Photo Opp is optimized every time a plane passes by
– Its a Beach

– Possible Death
– Danger of people standing on the beach being blown into the water because of the jet blast

I will take my chances and visit this hot destination.